We Card eLearning Center FAQs:

The We Card eLearning Center enables you to purchase training for yourself and/or your employees online using a credit card. For each employee, purchase a training course.  Then, add your employees by creating a User Name for each employee.  The eLearning Center automatically creates their passwords.  Supply your employees with their log-in information (User Name & Password) and tell them to get trained at wecard.org/learn.  You can track your employees’ training performance, their Quiz scores and completion date.

 Forgot your User Name or Password?

 At the log-in page, select “Forgot Password.”  You will be directed to email our team, and they will work quickly to provide you with your User Name or password.

Can I reset my password?

  • Yes, as the buyer of the training you can change your password. Follow the same steps as Forgot your User Name or Password.
  • However, your employee accounts do not have the capability to change passwords.

What is the required internet browser(s) for access?

Training will work best on the following browsers:  Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. The eLearning Center is NOT compatible with Safari or Internet Explorer.

Will I need a high-speed internet connection to access the eLearning Center?

Yes, you will need a high-speed internet connection since our training includes many graphics and interactive exercises.

 Can I use a tablet to complete my training?

Yes, any Employee Training Course purchased after August 2018 is tablet (and iPad) compatible. However, the Refresher Training Course and Manager’s Course are NOT compatible with tablets.

Is it possible to buy multiple different course types at one time?

Yes.  After you click BUY NOW for one course that you want to purchase, click “Continue Shopping” to purchase other courses and they will be added to your Shopping Cart.

Will I be able to check the status of my employee’s training?

Yes, you can monitor the status of your employee’s training by navigating to your MY ACCOUNT page and selecting “Trainee Logins & Completion Report”. On this page, you can track your employee’s training status.

Can I print my employees’ certificates?

No, as a manager you will be unable to print your employees’ certificates. Your employees can use their login information to gain access to their account and print the certificates themselves. However, you can check the status of your employee's training by navigating to your, “Trainee Logins & Completion Report”.

I am a manager and I have completed my training in the past how do I print my certificate?

To access your certificate, you will need to retake the quiz to have your certificate generated. That’s why, we recommend that you print your certificate, save as a pdf or take a screenshot of it so that you may have a copy for your records.

How will my employees gain access to the We Card Program?

After you have assigned courses to your employees, the eLearning Center automatically creates passwords for your employees.  Important:  You will need to go your My Account page and click on “Trainee Logins & Completion Report.”  On this report, you will find each of your employees’ User Names and Passwords.  Provide each of your employees their User Name and Password and tell them to log-in at www.wecard.org/learn. You can also download this report and keep it handy for your own records.

Can I reassign a course if I have assigned it to the wrong user?

Yes, it is possible to reassign a course to a different user. Log-in, and go to your My Account page.  Click on “Manage Your Training Courses” and follow the instructions to first unassigned a course and then assign a course.

I manage many employees.  Is there a way to get a listing of all employees enrolled in the courses?

Yes, you can generate a list of employees that you have enrolled in the courses by, logging into your account and selecting “Trainee Logins and Completion Report”. Every employee’s account information including username, password and completion status will be listed. You can export this report to Excel as well.

 I need to stop my training, is there any way to pause so that I may return to where I left off.

  • Yes, for the Manager’s Training Course and Refresher Course be sure to select “ Pause”  before closing the browser window, this will allow your space to be held.
  • For the Employee Training Course be sure to select “Quit” before closing the browser window.

If I have selected the wrong course is it possible to complete an exchange?

Please send us an email at support@wecard.org, we will look into what error occurred and we will act based on the results of our inquiry.

I need to reprint my Certificate.  How do I do that?

             For Employee Training Courses Purchased after August 2018

  • Log-in to your account.  Click on “My Personal Training Courses”.
  • Select “Launch Course”
    • The following prompt will appear “Would you like to start where you previously left off?”
    • Select “OK”
    • The next window that opens will display the certificate.
    • Select “Print”
    • The following prompt will appear “For best results please be sure to set your printer to landscape”
    • Select “OK”
    • Select “ Print”

For All Training Courses Purchased before August 2018

  • Log-in to your account.  Click on “My Personal Training Courses.” 
  • For the Employee Training Course:
    • Launch the course
    • Choose “Print Certificate”
  • For the Refresher Training Course:
    • Launch the course
    • Choose “Go to Bookmark”
    • Click “Certificate” at bottom of page

I am an employee and I have received a violation from a government compliance inspection.  How can I show that I passed a training course?

If you completed your training course and passed the end-of-training quiz, you will be able to retrieve your course certificate.  See this FAQ:  I need to reprint my Certificate.  How do I do that?

Can I complete a bulk purchase? Is there a volume discount if I need to buy training for many employees?

Yes, if you are buying training for 20 or more employees please contact us via email at support@Wecard.org 

We have our own internal computer-based-training (a Learning Management System or PC desktop based training).  Can I buy or license any of the training courses specifically for my retail chain to use internally?

 Yes, please contact us at support@wecard.org 

How do I get in contact with customer support?

If you have additional questions, please reach out to user via email at support@wecard.org